3mx4m Timber Shed

3mx4m Timber shed (2m interior wall and 2.8m apex height) built on 50mm thick slab base. The stud walls are made of 3×2 inches timber with 4×4 inches corner posts in @colinfurze style. The internal walls covered with 9mm MDF, the external walls are made of 10mm marine ply, waterproof membrane and 18mm pressure treated shiplap. The roof beams are 3×2 timber,18mm marine ply waterproof membrane and shingles. The size of the 2 windows are 450x450mm, door size is 900x1900mm. The exterior finished with 2 coats of oak wood stain. I built it in 4 weeks alone with the help of the customer to organising the material orders and load them to the area that built on.

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