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  1. Flat pack assembly,(info)
  2. Bathroom accessories, Curtain poles, Blinds, Mirrors, Pictures and Wall decoration installation,(info)
  3. Painting,
  4. Laminate flooring,
  5. Splashback tiling,
  6. Shelf and wall unit installation,
  7. Door locks,hinges,handles replacements and repairs,
  8. Second door lock and security door chain installation,
  9. Door weather stripping,
  10. Wooden door adjustments,
  11. Door saddle trim installation,
  12. Skirting boards and architraves fixing and replacements,
  13. Wooden furniture repairs on site,
  14. Wooden and laminate floor repairs,
  15. Small wall repairs/plastering,
  16. Dry-lining,
  17. Built-in storage made on site.

If you can not find your repairable item on the list above,please click here ,fill out the contact form and leave a detailed description of the item that you want to be repaired. I will contact you by e-mail within 24 hours.

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