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Bathroom and restroom accessories installation, replacement and repairs in your offices, shops and lettings, such as shelves, mirrors, wall cabinets, soap dispensers, towel rails, toilet seats, door signs and all decorative and functional items that you might also wish to add to the interior of your bathrooms and restrooms. Please see a few examples of the cost of some of the installations below.Please note that the TOTAL does not include the price of the items that are being installed or replaced.


1 item / €145 ( e.g. mirror cabinet ) €145 ( minimum charge for small items ) + €40 (call out charge in the North Co.Dublin area.)

TOTAL €185

2 items / €105 each ( e.g. mirror cabinet+soap dispenser ) €210 (installation fee) + €40 (call out charge)

TOTAL €250

3 items / €85 each ( e.g. mirror cabinet+soap dispenser+towel rail ) €255 ( installation fee ) + €40 ( call out charge )

TOTAL €295

Between 4 and 10 items the installation fee is €60 each + €25 (call out charge), Over 10 items the installation fee is 50 each + €15 (call out charge)

The above installation price sample list is set for common/average size bathroom mirrors approx. ( H700mmxW500mm ), soap dispensers of ( H250mmxW130mmxD130mm ), and bathroom shelves of ( W600mmxD150mm ). As all of the bathroom accessories are made in different size/value/materials and also the walls/tiles that have to be drilled to the items are made in various quality/price range therefore all of the installation work prices are different.

The installation prices are inclusive of only the labour cost with favorable site conditions. (Layout,mark and drill holes in wall.Secure unit and install hardware.Includes planning,equipment and material acquisition,area preparation and protection,setup and cleanup.)

Please note that the call out charge will be added to all of my site visits each time.The minimum charge and the call out charge both will be applied in cases when the work couldn’t be carried out due to the issues that are not the installers fault as e.g.: site not accessible or not safe to work at,the items provided to the installer are not suitable to assemble(wrong size/does not fit to the area or damaged)

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